Customer Service + Support System = Zen

Customer service is perhaps the single most important aspect of any business. Whether your business sells a product or a service, a low cost product or a high end one, the common thread in any business is the ability to provide pro-active customer service. Most brands severely neglect this aspect of operating their business and as such miss out on tremendous opportunities.

This post will focus on one of the simplest tools that any business can utilize in managing their customer service efforts in an efficient and pro-active way. Old fashion email is your worst enemy, it lacks the ability maintain accountability, track open issues, and leaves way too many cracks open for your valuable customers to fall through.

The solution is quite simple. Use a help desk! While there are several reliable, forward thinking systems out there, below are just a few that we can recommend first hand.


We use Zendesk internally and love it. It allows us to collect all clients service related questions, concerns, tasks etc and will organize into tickets based on a variety of rules, views, and priorities. Best of all you can still allow your customers the ability to email in a ticket at which point that email would be transformed into a ticket in the support system.

We have suggested Zendesk to many clients who have made the transition from webmail to Zendesk and have not looked back once!

Give Zendesk a try now, you will love the many options, integrations and overall intuitive interface they offer.
Signup at is another favorite which works perfectly for many clients., while does not allow for as many integrations as the previous option, it has a solid platform and one that many large companies rely on every day.

Give a try.
Signup at

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