Color Counts

Why is color so important?
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  • Yellow 
    • Optimistic and youthful
    • Often used to grab a viewer’s attention
  • Orange
    • Aggressiveness
    • Used as a call to action and attention grabber
  • Red
    • Energy
    • Increase heart rate and creates urgency
    • Often seen with a sale or references to food
  • Pink
    • Romantic and feminine
    • Used to market products and services for women and young girls
  • Blue
    • Creates the sensation of trust and security
    • Often used by banks and businesses
  • Purple
    • Soothing and clean
    • Often relates to beauty or anti-aging products and services
  • Green
    • Associated with wealth
    • Easiest color for the eye to process and used with finance or entertainment websites
  • Black
    • Powerful and sleek
    • Seen as luxurious and sophisticated